About Me

My journey in Psychology started in 2017, although I was fascinated with human behaviour long before this. I have since completed my undergraduate and honours degree in Psychology, and intend on pursuing my master's and PhD in the near future.

My professional counselling career started with me providing online counselling services to individuals from all over South Africa. To my surprise, I was able to meet my clients with therapeutic warmth and growth despite the lack of physical presence. This sparked in me a new passion and revealed that geographical challenges could have little impact on the therapeutic change I was hoping to bring forth in my clients. 

I provided addiction counselling at a half way house, and have also done counselling and play-based intervention with children and adolescents with learning difficulties (ADHD) and neurodevelopmental challenges (Autism). My most recent experience has been serving tertiary students at a university and helping them navigate mental health challenges in academia. 

I enjoy working with clients from diverse backgrounds and look forward in collaborating with you.